Marine and Offshore Systems

BCS Automation prides itself in its longstanding association with international marine and offshore organizations. Built to withstand the rigors of harsh marine environments our products are guaranteed to perform regardless of the environmental hazards. After 30 years in the field of automation we understand the requirement for comprehensive control and monitoring systems. Our objective is to provide reliable turn-key solutions to complex automation issues in the marine and offshore industries. At BCS the scope of our capabilities range from integrating retrofits to designing new builds in order to meet our client’s objectives. The experience and expertise of our engineering team allows BCS to confidently take on projects that include system design, software development, fabrication, equipment supply, commissioning, and training.

Marine and Offshore Systems


Regardless of the ship or the water it sails, BCS is prepared to successfully carry out projects that involve general and specific performance issues in order to promote efficiency and overall effectiveness for the crew and operators of the vessel. After the installation of our control and monitoring systems, many BCS customers have experienced a reduction in labour costs and an increase in employee safety. With over 50 projects completed on more than 30 ships, BCS is equipped to provide robust solutions for any marine automation project, no matter how complex.


BCS has been designing and assembling technologically advanced control systems to the offshore industry for over ten years. Regardless of the platform, BCS has excelled at providing innovative control systems to international offshore clients. The systems that our engineering team design and manufacture meet a wide range of classification standards. These standards include: ABS, BV, DNV, LR, and GL. All are hazardous rated to either IEC, ATEX or NEC. Significant attention is focused on the integrity of all of our offshore systems. With safety concerns at the forefront of system design, BCS is prepared to solve any control systems challenges that offshore organizations are currently facing.