About Us

At BCS Automation we provide cost-effective solutions and high quality products in order to meet our client’s specific automation objectives. A proud testament to our continual involvement in the international marine and offshore industries is the successful completion of over 50 projects on more than 30 vessels. Our desire to advance the marine and offshore industries has lead to the production and implementation of automation systems around the world.

Over the past 30 years, BCS has developed strong relations with international cement organizations. BCS is capable of undertaking any aspect of an automated cement project. Whether a demand for electrical automation is required at the beginning or end of the cement production process, BCS can be depended on to provide automation systems that are comprehensive and functional.


BCS has successfully completed automation projects that extend beyond marine, offshore, and cement industries. We pride ourselves in our ability to work in varying industries that pose unique automation considerations. Our automation systems are utilized in pellet manufacturing, ethanol production, and water/waste water processing and treatment. Regardless of the industry, BCS aims to deliver successful automation solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.


Over the past 30 years BCS has developed proven products and engineered systems that can operate in the industrial and marine and offshore industries to increase process efficiencies and reliability.

Ballast Commander™

Ballast Commander™ is a control system engineered to monitor ballast tanks along with the capability to alert crew members of alarm conditions.

E.R. Guardian™

A control system constructed to monitor marine equipment such as diesel engines, generators and bilge pumps, E.R. Guardian™ is designed to enhance or replace existing main engine monitoring systems.

SPD 3000™

Designed for the marine industry, SPD 3000™ is an IEC rated motor control center with modular design that is designed to fit in confined spaces.


VigilantSea™ is a comprehensive security system that provides ships with surveillance capabilities and an auxiliary system dedicated to controlled access.


GPIC® is a cargo unloading control system designed to operate as a gravity self-unloading aid for vessels in the marine industry.



Not only does BCS identify the existing automation challenges companies are facing, we analyze and determine the most efficient and effective solution. Every project is unique and requires an appreciation of the intricate details specific to our customer’s particular industry. BCS can provide customized products and services to meet the exact standards of any industrial requirements.


Regardless of the size or scope of a project, BCS’s goal is to design and implement products that advance the state of automation in order to increase process efficiencies. Utilizing current technologies, BCS aims to equip customers with the most advanced automation systems and services within the budget.


From the drawing board to the assembly shop our engineering design team uses a systematic design process to address your company's automation objectives. By addressing the challenges, BCS develops the best possible automation solution.


At BCS our experience and expertise are driving forces behind the development of innovative solutions in the field of automation; solutions that meet both budget and process goals. Replacing or upgrading outmoded process technologies to give our customers the edge on their competition is what motivates BCS to strive for the very best regarding innovative solutions.


BCS stands by every commitment made to deliver products and services on time and on budget. We understand the importance that our clients place on receiving products and services when they are needed in their fields of operation.


BCS Automation ltd. offers unique solutions to automation challenges by way of electrical engineering systems, products, and services. Our expertise in automation yields cost effective results that address our client’s goals to maximize efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, improve safety conditions, and security situations, all while increasing profitability.

Established in 1989, BCS continually utilizes the experience of our engineering team and global connections to design innovative systems that provide custom solutions to international industrial and marine and offshore organizations. Ever since BCS’s founding, our objective has been to advance the state of automation by supplying quality engineering designs and services to both domestic and international clients.


Since 2017 BCS has upheld a certification with DNV GL for the ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System (QMS) standard. Our QMS certificate covers electrical design, software development, manufacturing, custom electrical control equipment, commissioning and service. This accreditation ensures our customers can expect to receive quality products and dependable service.